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Why order a sex doll from us?

Because we ship from the US

· Most Sex Doll vendors are Chinese

· Your doll will arrive in one week or less

· Your package will not be stopped by customs to pay extra taxes

sex doll paypal payment
tpe sex doll paypal payment
Because you can pay securely using PayPal or credit/debit card
Avoid Scams. Use Anti-fraud technology.

· For your safety, you should always use PayPal in your online purchases.

· PayPal can give you your money back in case the product is not what you expected.

·We use SSL encryption to protect your data. You can check the lock in the URL bar.

tpe sex doll price match
Because we price match!
If you find the same doll at a cheaper price, we match it!

· We work with tighter profit margins than our competence without compromising the quality of our products. If you find the exact same doll with same conditions we will match the price.

· Lower price does not mean less quality, just less benefit for us. We think we all must have the opportunity to own a love doll. Our mission is to offer dolls at a fair price. 

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tpe sex doll secret delivery
sex doll secret delivery package
Because it will be a secret delivery
Maximum Privacy. Nobody will know.

· We use fully opaque boxes without any brand on it. There is no clue about its content. 

· If you don't want it to be delivered to your home, you can pick it up from your nearest FedEx location.

· The billing statement on your account will appear as "SD USA"

tpe sex doll live chat

Because we have a great customer service 24/7
Do you have any question?Just ask!

· You can chat with us, email us or just give us a call. 


[email protected]

tpe sex doll money back guarantee
Because we have 100% customer satisfaction guarantee
We only want happy customers

· If you are not satisfied with your order when you receive it,   you can return it and we will refund your money. No questions asked. 

tpe sex doll money back guarantee

TPE Sex Doll close up pictures

(Doll featured: Jenny 4'7'' 140cm)

tpe sex dolls mouth

Mouth opening for oral sex

tpe sex dolls breast

Really soft TPE material

tpe sex dolls ass and vagina

Anal and vaginal holes

Discreet shipping
tpe sex dolls explained
What does TPE mean?

TPE stands for Thermoplastic Elastomer. It is an alternative to silicone, but it is softer and more economic to produce.
What are the differences between a sex doll made of TPE and a love doll made of silicone? Read here the TPE vs silicone guide.

tpe sex dolls reviews

Are you wondering how can you integrate a doll into your life with your partner? Here you can get some ideas of two married couples who tell us their story. 

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